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City of O'Neill
401 E. Fremont

O'Neill, NE 68763

City Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Greg Walters
Appointed 2014

The City Street Commissioner shall, subject to the orders and directives of the Governing Body, have general charge, direction and control of all work on the streets, sidewalks, culverts and bridges of the City, and shall perform such other duties as the Governing Body may require.

It shall be his/her responsibility to see that gutters and drains therein function properly, and that the same are kept in good repair. He/she shall, at the request of the Governing Body, make a detailed report to the Governing Body on the condition of the streets, sidewalks, culverts, alleys and bridges of the City, and shall direct their attention to such improvements, repairs, extensions, additions and additional employees as he/she may believe are needed to maintain a satisfactory street system in the City, along with an estimate of the cost thereof. He/she shall issue such permits and assume such other duties as the Governing Body may direct. (Ref. 17-107, 17-119, 17-214 RS Neb.)

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