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City of O'Neill
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Click on the following links for the related permits and/or applications.
These permits and applications can be printed by finding "file" in the top toolbar, then pressing "print".

Rezoning Request Application Building Application (.doc) (.pdf)
Variance Request Site or Plot Plan
Fence/Sign Application/Permit Conditional Use Application/Permit
Permit to Move Building Peddler's Permit Application
Application for Permit to Cut Curb, Pavement or Sidewalk
Permit Fees
Permit for cutting into paving, curb or sidewalk: $ 25.00

Building Permits:

New Construction (except garages and additions):


Residential Garages and Additions:

$ 75.00

Relocation with Water and Sewer:

$ 50.00

Relocation without Water and Sewer:

$ 50.00
Permit to Move Building: $ 50.00
Permit to Demolish Building: $ 50.00
Permit for Platting a Subdivision $215.00
Permit for Platting a Subdivision $ 60.00
Permit for Special Use: $215.00
Sidewalk Variances $ 50.00
Amendments or changes to Zoning Regulations Requested by Parties Other than City Officials $215.00
Sec. 2 That the following deposits for the following permits be and hereby are established and no permit shall be issued until such deposity has been paid.
Building Permit when sidewalk is required: $10.00/running foot
Permit to cut into paving, curb or sidewalk: $50.00/running foot

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